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SunTrust Activate My Debit Card

SunTrust Bank customers that recently received a new debit card for their checking account can activate their card online at  The Suntrust Credit Card Activation Center is convenient for customers to utilize 24 hours a day to activate their card once they’ve received it in the mail.

When your new debit card has arrived in the mail before using it you will need to activate by visiting the Suntrust Credit Card Activation site.  Please have handy your new card number, expiration date, zip code, and social security number/tax identification number to enter into the open fields.  The last step is to click the Activate button and within a few seconds the online activation process will register your card and release it for use.

Members can also activate their card by calling the phone number on the back of their card and utilizing the Suntrust phone activation service.  When activating by phone you will need to enter your card info along with your full name, address, birthday, and last 4 digits of your social security number.

The last step after your card is finally activated is to remove the adhesive activation sticker that is attached to your debit card and be sure to sign your name in the white space on the back of your card.  Your old card can be destroyed because it is no longer in service.

SunTrust Debit Card Benefits

Bank members that have a checking account at Suntrust are eligible to receive a debit card.  For each type of checking account offered there’s a specific debit card associated with that account.  Here are the cards that apply to each checking account offered at Suntrust:

Essential Checking/Balanced Banking:  Suntrust Mastercard Classic Debit Card

Select Checking:  Suntrust Mastercard Gold Debit Card

Signature Advantage Checking:  Suntrust Mastercard World Debit Card

Signature Advantage Checking:  Delta SkyMiles Mastercard World Debit Card

Debit cards allow bank members to link their checking account with their card so they can have access to their money without needing to write out a check.  The Mastercard logo provides them access to merchants nationwide and around the world.

Members can use their card to make purchases, withdraw cash from ATM’s, pay bills, etc.  With the new level of security that is provided via the embedded chip cardholders can feel more security and protection that comes with the built-in chip feature.

If you’ve received your new card in the mail be sure to activate it online by visiting or by using the automated Suntrust customer service 24/7 system via the number on the back of the card.

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