T2000 Tactical Headlamp Review – Super Bright Flashlight

The T2000 Tactical Headlamp is a necessary flashlight for anyone that loves the outdoors and needs to be able to see clearly what they’re doing in the dark.  If you’re an avid hunter, fisherman, or adventurer a piece of equipment that you can’t leave home without is a great headlamp.  Having a hands free flashlight can be essential when you’re maneuvering around in the dark.  The Tactical T2000 Military Grade Headlamp is an option for customers who are shopping around for a good headlamp.

Using a headlamp has its advantages over a flashlight depending on what activities you’re doing and how long you’re going to be doing it.  Headlamps frees up your hands so you can do more and not be restricted to holding a flashlight.  It’s great for camping trips or outdoors trips where you’ll be trying to navigate through the darkness at night.

T2000 Headlamp

The T2000 Tactical Headlamp is a popular product sold online with many of the advertisements offering the product for free.  Customers only have to pay the shipping costs to receive the headlamp at no additional cost.  Here is an example of the shipping costs:

  • 1 free headlamp – .99 shipping cost
  • 3 free headlamps – .99 shipping cost
  • 5 free headlamps – .99 shipping cost
T2000 tactical headlamp
T2000 tactical flashlight review

The only problem with the Tactical T2000 is there aren’t a lot of customer reviews on how the light performs and its durability.  You’d have to purchase it to see for yourself.  With sites like Amazon.com that sells tactical headlamps and offers customer reviews visitors aren’t nervous about making purchases because they’re relying on reviews and product ratings to help them decide if a purchase is good for them or not.

At Amazon.com the InnoGear 5000 Lumen Headlamp is a top selling Amazon product that has over 1,200 customer reviews and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.  71% of customers rated the headlamp a 5 star rating.  The headlamp comes with free shipping and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can receive your order within 2 days.  Click for InnoGear Headlamp best pricing.

T2000 Tactical Headlamp Features

T2000 headlamp
Tactical T2000

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Construction:  Matte, Anti-Slip Surface and flashlight made from aircraft aluminum, waterproof head unit

Power:  3 AAA Batteries

Lumens:  500 Lumens with 100,000 hours lifetime

Modes:  4 switch mode with high, low, strobe, and SOS

Headband:  3 way adjustable headband (adjustable top band, left/right banf)

Tilt:  Full 90 degree flashlight tilt head

Battery Box:  displays red matching the modes (LED headlight, SOS, and Strobe)

Zoom:  1x to 2000x zoom, telescopic focusing

Tactical T2000 Headlamp

The T2000 Headlamp is not offered on Amazon.com but a comparison model of this headlamp that is very popular on Amazon.com is the InnoGear 5000 Lumen Headlamp.  It’s their #4 Best Seller in Outdoor Post Lights and has over 750 customer reviews.  Customers have rated the headlamp very high with a 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Advancements in lighting technology have been introduced to headlamps that will allow them to shine brighter and last for years to come.  Once you purchase your own T2000 flashlight and see how it performs you’ll throw away your old one and won’t look back.

Comments 12

  • I order this and got a single light, not three like in the picture. not to impressed with the headlamp I received.

  • Ordered this item. Had a deal for 3. Just got them and they do not look at all like this one. They are single lens…cheap crappie plastic. I have one I got from home Depot that puts this to shame. You should be ashamed for ripping people off and out of their hard earned money. Selling inferior cheap made garbage…lesson learned. If it seems to good to be true..IT DEFINITELY IS!!

  • I ordered this and got a single lamp light. From the photo it shows 3 in one. It also came with a deal for 3. This is a rip off. I also ordered a flashlight and is a cheap plastic one. I am NOT impressed.

  • I order this light and the strap keep breaking off if u walk fast, specially 530am like I do. Once the battery case fell down maybe it was my fault it wasn’t lock. Anyway don’t waste your money, it’s useless.

  • Yeah, I ordered the same thing as Hard Worker, and got the same Garbage he got. Needless to say…I was, HEATED! Now it seems like every time I try to find that, SAME So called…FREE Deal, I keep gettin` this, Oops! An Error Occurred

    The server returned a “500 Internal Server Error”.

    Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
    Well…That may have something to do with the little E-mail, I sent to them, and Forward that Same E-mail, to my BANK! lol. They think they gonna take money outta bank every month, they outta they Minds. lol. This, is the E-mail, I sent them. Well…first off, I read the Terms and Conditions of your Website, (After, I checked you guys out, on the Internet.) and I must say, I was Not A Very Happy Camper. I want Out, of this Membership, ASAP! 2nd. thing is…The Headlamps, you sent me, are Nothing…like the one in the video. Plastic, Trash, that’s what they are. You need to send me a Return Shipping Label, so I can return these, Generic Damn things Back, to you and I am Not, paying to send them Back. Also…I want the money put back, in my Bank Account, and Do…Not, try to take money out of my Bank Account, Ever…or I will just change Everything, in my account. I really Hope, this Email Does the Trick, if Not, I’ll do whatever I have to, to get Satisfaction. I must say…you guys have Quite, the Racket. Oh yeah…I will let my bank know, if you guy take money from my account, It Is Not, Authorized, by Me. I do believe…all I have to do, is Forward this E-mail to My Bank, and it will hold up, in Any…Court, in the Land! So…let’s Not waste Time, I would really Hate, to Blast you on the Internet, although…Many, Already have, from what I’ve seen. Then…I forward it to my Bank. lol. I also sent this, little message along with it.
    I figured I would forward this E-mail to you guys, to let you know all about this situation, ahead of time. These guys are Crooks…and I am Not, the only one, they have nailed. I found out, that it is a Major…Internet Scam, and I’ve called them on it. If they Do Not, Cancel my so called, Membership, they are Not, to take a Dime…out of my account, they are Not, Authorized…to do so. If I am sending this, to the wrong department, I apologize, and need to know just exactly who…to send it to.

  • Oh, one more thing…It’s been about a week or so…and I still…haven’t heard Back, from them.

  • I just sent this to them.

    So…still no refund? Did you not, get my last E-mail? CANCEL….MY SO CALLED…MEMBERSHIP, ASAP! I WANT A REFUND NOW….YOU GUYS ARE CROOKS!!! Those So called 3 FREE…T2000 Headlamp, that I ordered, “Just Pay Shipping” (by the way, that was a JOKE!) were Garbage! Nothing like the video described at all! I need some kind of Reply from you guys. Don’t Ignore Me, I’m Pissed Off, enough, as it is…I promise, If I don’t receive Total Satisfaction and Soon…I Swear…I’ll Blast you guys little SCAM ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!!!! (Oh yeah, the so called Membership, is about 20.00 a month taken out of your bank account, Automatically!) Part of the Terms and Conditions of using their web site.

  • I bought a t 2000 led headlamp online for .99. I used it once and it was fine. Used it again for about 10 mins and it would not turn on anymore. I checked the batteries and they were good however I switched to a brand new set and still nothing. You press the on/off button and nothing happens. How do I get in touch with the company ?

  • I bought the LED Headlamp T2000 and think it is junk.. After charging it for the first time the center light stopped working.. I have e-mailed the company several times to see how to fix or return with no response. Not happy..

  • I have not authorized you to charge me again for a not her headlamp that I have not received and I want my money put back into my account .

  • You ripped me off stop taking money out of my account

  • When I got my 3 headlamps in the mail I thought they were good enough to give one away. I should have checked to see if they worked. One out of the three worked even with a full charge. The one that worked I had and the one I gave as a gift was quickly returned. I thought with one working I could keep batteries ready for use. I will admit I did use it a lot in the woods but I came to the realization that this was not equipment that I would ever rely on. Now the only one that worked has gone on strike also, needles to say I could never give a good review until I could see a change in how well and long it works. I fell in the allure of paying very little for more that one, basically buy one get two free. I will and have been paying more to get the satisfaction of the product doing what it is supposed to do. If there is something that would change my mind I am open to trying it like three of them that work, you already have my address.

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