– Shark Rocket Duo Clean Review

getrocketcomplete.comThis Shark Rocket Complete with Duo Clean review will break down the new improvements on this brand new vacuum available at

Shark vacuums are a popular brand of vacuums and customers are very satisfied with how these products clean their homes and the upgrades that make it easier to clean their carpets, hard surface floors, drapes, automobiles, stairs, etc.

The brand new Shark Rocket Complete with Duo Clean has a few more features that customers will enjoy as well.  You can buy the Shark Rocket on Amazon here.

On the Shark Rocket Complete is the #1 Best Seller in the New Release  category for Upright Vacuum Cleaners.  It has over 120 customer reviews and customers are rating the vacuum a 4.4 out of 5 stars.  Over 57% of the customers gave the vacuum a 5 star rating.  Click for Duo Clean Best Pricing!!

Shark Rocket Duo Clean Review

Shark vacuums are most known for their “no loss of suction technology” but with the Shark Rocket Duo Clean this technology has been combined with a new upgrade called Triple Particle Cleaning.  Triple Particle Cleaning is their new cleaning system that utilizes 2 brush rolls spinning in unison to remove small particles, large particles, and stuck-on dirt from carpets and bare floors.

shark rocket duo clean review

One of the brush rolls is a soft velvet brushroll that is designed to remove stuck-on dirt from hard surface floors while at the same time sucking up large debris.  On carpets the soft brush roll effectively picks up and pulls in surface dirt and debris.  The second brush roll is a bristle brushroll that specifically accelerates debris into the high-velocity suction channel on hard surface floors and engages carpet fibers to remove embedded dirt.

The idea behind Triple Particle Cleaning is for 1 vacuum to have the capabilities of picking up any type or size of dirt.  With this technology implemented users won’t have to depend on a dustmop or broom anymore because their Shark Rocket Complete has the capability to clean up those typical messes.

Shark Rocket Complete Triple Particle Cleaning 

If you’ve seen the Shark Rocket Complete As Seen On TV commercial then you’ve seen the video clips of the type of small, large, or stuck-on particles the vacuum is capable of picking up.  An idea of small particles is the vacuum picking up a small pile of cornflakes, large particles is a line of jelly beans, and stuck-on particles is dirt/grim stuck to a hard surface floor.

shark rocket complete with duo clean

On the Shark Rocket Complete is the #1 Best Seller in the New Release  category for Upright Vacuum Cleaners.  It has over 120 customer reviews and customers are rating the vacuum a 4.4 out of 5 stars.  Over 57% of the customers gave the vacuum a 5 star ratingClick for Duo Clean Best Pricing!!

Another huge perk with the Shark Rocket HV380W is it has a very helpful cleaning feature that allows you to get your edges, corners, or base board clean.  We all know how difficult it is for a vacuum cleaner to clean up dirt next to the wall.  This vacuum creates enough suction to clean the dirt along your walls which is a huge benefit.

Shark Rocket Complete HV380W Features

  • No loss of suction technology
  • Convenient onboard accessory storage
  • Duoclean technology
  • Includes brushroll designed for delicate bare floors
  • Converts to a removable hand vac
  • Illuminating LED lights
  • Better under-furniture reach
  • Lighter weight about 10 pounds
  • Converts in to a hand vacuum
  • Advanced swivel steering

Shark Rocket Complete As Seen On TV

Customers interested in purchasing the Shark Duo Complete can purchase the product online at  The TV offer is rather affordable for all that you get.  Customers can make a 1 time payment of 9.80 or make 4 monthly payments of .95 per month.  Each offer includes free shipping and handling. There is also a 60 day no questions asked returns money back guarantee on the vacuum.

What it comes with:  vacuum, dusting brush, 12” crevice tool, pet upholstery tool, on-board tool clip, wall mount, 30 foot cord, free 5 year VIP warranty, bonus gift of under appliance wand.

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  • I’m wondering if this newest sweeper is the best solution for me….house mostly have wood floors..2 patios have outdoor carpeting. All windows have wooden blinds, have6 ceiling fans, etc. 4 dogs and 12 cats.

  • Wondering if the Rocket has an off/on switch or a pull back trigger -on switch which has to be held in the “on” position when in use? I tried the “other” big brand stick vac – and it became very tiresome to hold button “on” when in use.

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